In 2015, a new concept in Business bay, Dubai was launched and this concept of "Lebanese cuisine fusion" was called Zahr el Rouman. A cozy 2 floors venue and a lovely terrace seating, where the professional service, super delicious Lebanese dishes and amazing shisha service make this place a top destination for "Chilling time". After hours are the best and people can't wait to finish their parties to join us for late hour delis and smoke... Because we're always open, all our customers have time to enjoy the food and ambiance. We deliver! because sometimes, you're too busy to pass by or you want to order food to be delivered to your place. Call us for reservations, and don't forget to share with us your ideas and suggestions as we always thrive to enhance our operation.



Zaatar - Zaatar jabali - Cheese -Cheese and turkey - Cheese with soujouk - Lahmeh - Harra - Halloum bi habak - Labneh - Labneh zaher el rouman - Chanklich - Kafta - Kafta orfaliye - Soujouk - Kraft


Beetroot salad - Grilled halloum with Rocca - Fatouch -Tabbouli - Healthy oriental Quinoa salad

Main Course

Lamb brochette- Kebab halabi - Kebab ourfali - Eggplant kebab - Lebanese kafta - Chicken taouk - Chicken kebab - Grilled lamb chops - Arayes kafta - Zaher el romein half grilled chicken ...


Ceaser salad - Asian Crab salad - Beef burger - Falafel burger - pizza margarita - pizza peperoni - Pizza salmone - chicken escalope - Grilled beef tenderloin - Fish and chips


achtaliyeh zaher el rouman - Lebanese night with Achta ice cream with cotton candy - Halawi cheese cake - Cheese kunafa - Crepe chocolate - Grandmother Chocolate biscuits - Dates brownies


Ice tea(Lemon or beach) - Soft drinks - Energy drinks - Pireer water - Mineral water large - Mineral water small - Laban iran


Our operation is ready and made with the highest management standards, where the food, operations standard and guidelines are set with a proper "Operations Manual", Kitchen engineering system that allow any interested person to invest in Zahr el rouman and will use our set-up to launch the venue in a different location. For more inquiries, please contact the management directly. We can't wait to sit with you and discuss how we can contribute with your success